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I am an author that writes from my heart.


I write poetry and poetry therapy to heal the wounds and traumas within you and replace them with love and understanding. My books are based on interfaith concepts and mysticism. I've studied this subject throughly by the greats on this topic. I write to release negativity, but also to understand what is going on with you (or me). I pretty it up with poetic images and meditations and always end on a positive note. My children's books range from poetry to healing stories that will educate them, as well as help them learn, at an early age, spiritual and healing concepts.


My books are sold at Bookwhirl Publishing at, Xlibris Publishing, at (Soaring), Blurb Publishing at, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the ibookstore. I'm educated in sociology, social work, psychology, and  creative writing. I also have a P-3 endorsement from Montclair State University. I continue my study with famous authors in order to keep developing and growing. I have worked in schools and homes of children with special needs, and I have led therapeutic groups.  I have an affliction myself. I have a moderate to severe anxiety disorder. Everything I do comes from education and more importantly, deep experience. I am published both on the web and in magazines and journals.

The Blue Butterfly

I was reading that the elementary school kids were saving the Karner blue butterflies. The little saviors. Imagine, something so scarce and so small...

It's the individual that counts

The true nature inside all of us

Not the one society mocks and abuses

And dictates to

That part of us goes

Let it

I want to be free to be me

I want to be immediate

in the permanent...protective peace

In the unknown...

It doesn't matter what society tells us

We're a waste, no soul

They show little regard for the true self...

not the false self...The real truth

All of us have a purpose inside:

A voice

A strength

An adjective that is positive.

God use me

Let me be your voice

At least a minute part of it...

Let it be for you

I don't think I could carry it...

Let it happen, let it flow

Let it be a calm summer stream

of unconditonal love...

Shed your cocoon

The Blue Garden

The blue butterfly, after shedding her cocoon, glides and swerves, resting on lotus flowers

and camouflaged within the blue reflection of the firmament. The white clouds are shaped

like doves, where the Holy Spirit leads her from flower to flower, garden to garden...

The Madonna wavers in the blue sky, in an ocean of vapor. She moves in and out: The

immaculate Mother cuddles her and sends her on her way, to the majestic rose garden,

where she settles and immerses her individuality within the large garden...her

consciousness and her indwelling presence find peace within the Blue Rose Garden...

The blue birds hum and sing to the triumphant Blue Butterfly for becoming one with the

universe and losing her ego to the collective consciousness and becoming a permanent

presence at last...

This is a children's haiku poem:

the caterpillar

wrapped up in his warm cocoon

flies into the sky

This is a small sample of my writing. If you have any questions, you can use the contact box, or email me at :

                                                                             Jeanne Fiedler


                                                                             52 Lexington Court

                                                                             Washington Township, NJ 07676












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